Sober Voices (2000)

Sober Voices documents a virtual chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous created by members of HearMe, an online voice chat and game-matching service which I co-founded in 1995.

The audio was logged in a public chat room that was open to any member of HearMe. I appeared to other members as a normal user, under a variety of anonymous identities.

To preserve the spontaneity of the interactions, no indication was given that I was affiliated with HearMe, or that anything was being recorded. My contact with other members was kept to a polite minimum.

No solicitation, other than the obvious fact of my presence, was used to evoke anything anybody said or did. These interactions were freely offered in front of a total stranger.

The documentary had its premiere on 4 February 2000 at HearMe's Shout! 2000 conference in Redwood Shores, California.

The complete video can be downloaded from this link:

Running time is 10:17.